Old Salt Co-op provides meat raised with integrity from Montana landscapes its customers know and care about. More than the meat itself, Old Salt is about connecting customers and producers in a shared purpose: to be stewards of place, enhancing land, wildlife habitat and community like a pinch of salt in a recipe, like the salt of the earth.

The vast majority of livestock from Montana ranches are sold into a historically consolidated packing, distribution and retail system which reduces producer, product and customer to commodities stripped of the context that matters. Economic exchange capable of supporting land stewardship can be reestablished, but not overnight and not with boutique marketing buzzwords and gimmicks.

Facilitated by its vertically integrated meat processing, Old Salt Co-op will provide high value local beef, lamb, pork and other livestock-based provisions for sale online and via its own retail outlets. Hospitality enterprises (restaurants and events) will promote the brand and build community, doing for Old Salt meats what microbreweries have done for beer, showcasing the product via the craft. In this way we will establish a resilient local system for meat capable of sustaining land stewardship, earning and retaining new customers with a target of 10,000 direct, local and loyal customers by 2027.