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Creating a Holiday Snack Board

Snack boards are typically made up of charcuterie (a french term relating to smoked or cooked meat products), cheese, pickles, fruit, mustard, jam, bread, and anything else your hungry little heart desires. Whether you're hosting friends and family or keeping dinner simple in preparation for a feast the next day, there's really nothing easier than a colorful board of darling bite sized morsels!

Here's a list of what we included in our version which is enough snacks for 6 - 8, but this can also be simplified to just 3 or 4 items (protein, cheese, pickle, sauce):

  • Smoked country sausage, 1 LB
  • Creamy liver pate, 4 oz or 8 oz
  • Aged cheddar cheese
  • Dill havarti cheese
  • Fresh vegetables (celery tops, endive, radish, etc)
  • Pickles (peppers, carrots, onions, olives, cornichon, etc)
  • Fresh or dried fruit (we used fresh apples)
  • Dijon mustard & blackberry jam
  • Bread sticks, crackers, or fresh bread

Steps for assembling the snack board:

Step 1: Gather all of your ingredients and slice everything into pieces that will be small enough to eat in one or two bites. For the country sausage, we sliced into rounds (remove the outer casing) and then again into half moon shapes. For the cheese, we prefer shards versus straight slices.


Step 2: Begin by placing anything that will remain in jars onto the board or platter and building everything around it. This included the liver pate, mustard, and blackberry jam jars. Now begin placing the meat and cheese onto the board organically in small areas. We prefer this method versus placing all of the ingredients into their own piled groups. However, there are no hard and fast rules here. The important thing is that all of the ingredients are in manageable bite sized pieces and diverse in color, texture, and flavor!


Step 3: Serve your snack board with small plates, napkins, and utensils along with spoons for each jar and a pair of tongs for guests to build their own small plates. You can refill the board as needed if your guests are hungry! We recommend serving with chilled wine, but the world is your oyster. This combination of colors, flavors, and textures is utterly satisfying and a very practical way to keep folks fed during the memorable gatherings in your warm and cozy home. Happy holidays!