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Preparing For Old Salt: What To Know Before You Go

It’s the week of the festival and we know everyone is excited! We’re excited too. Questions are beginning to roll in, so we want to make sure we answer as many of them as possible. But first, we want to get a few tips under your belt to make your festival time as enjoyable as possible. 

Please, please, please, read the FAQs and be sure to check out our packing tips! Layers are important, and we detail out what you need to bring. (Hint: waterproof boots, rain gear, warm layers)

FAQs: Yes, We Have Them. Please Read Before Sending Us A Question!

We have an entire list of extremely detailed FAQ’s! Please read them!

Due to limited service, staff, and capacity, we can not respond to questions answered in the FAQ section. 

It covers our return policy, event details, ticketing, directions, bear safety, our no pets policy, personal food and drink, water, camping questions, and more. 

Quick questions & answers include:

  • Camp Check-in starts at 11am on Friday — The schedule is here.
  • Kids under 13 are free!
  • No, you can not bring your doggies. Sorry.
  • No, all food is not included. 
  • Free water refills are available in the campsites. Water is available for sale on festival grounds. 
  • Outside food and drinks are NOT allowed in festival grounds but welcome in campsites. 
  • Directions to 142 S. Nevada Cr. Rd Helmville MT 59843 are in FAQs!
  • Parking is included in the ticket price.
  • Camping is rustic!! No showers, power, or amenities available other than porta potties and water stations.
  • Store food like you are camping in Grizzly country! You are indeed camping in Grizzly country!
  • There is NO WIFI OR CELL SERVICE. Please prepare to be offgrid. 
  • Keep your wristband on all weekend for re-entry. 
  • All sales are final on tickets! No refunds! The festival runs rain or shine. 

Again, if we answer your question here or in the extremely detailed FAQ, we cannot respond to you due to the amount of inquiries we get. 

What To Pack

Rubber or Waterproof Shoes Are A Must

I’ll admit, last year my cowgirl boots (that I oil and care for) soaked all the way through on Saturday. The rain the night before made walking in the grass an immersive experience. You are literally walking in and through pastures. Footwear is more important at this fest than most. 

You’ll also walk a lot, so make sure you have comfortable shoes. I clocked nine miles just cruising the ‘fest in one day. 

Pack Like You’re in the Backcountry

It’s a long way to an REI from Helmville. Here’s what I’m going to be sure to bring, as a second-year professional attendee. 

  • Rain Boots, rain coat, rain pants (just in case)
  • A backpack for carrying my gear around the fest
  • Hat, gloves, scarf, puffy jacket (It got really cold at night last year, and it snowed this week in MT. Be ready for cool weather.)
  • Zero-degree sleeping bag
  • Bug spray
  • Bear spray (this is Grizzly country! Carry bear spray at night if you can.)
  • Headlamp (really nice to have as the going can be rough going back to camp in the pastures)
  • Sunscreen (I burnt like toast in addition to having wet feet)
  • Snacks like protein bars or stuff onhand at campsite for early mornings or late nights; food/drink can not be brought into the festival itself. 

We Can’t Wait To See You!

We have crews on the ground now setting up, and we’re so looking forward to bringing this extensive community together! Hundreds of people have collaborated on this experience, and it’s an honor to bring it into fruition for the second year.

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