Old Salt Co-Op: Strengthening community and land stewardship through food (Life in the Land)

Today we are speaking with Cole Mannix, one of the founders of Old Salt Co-op, a Montana entity with growing avenues of operations to rebuild infrastructure for Montana’s meat…but their work goes well beyond the meat itself with a mission to connect customers and producers in a shared purpose; to be stewards of the land, and to strengthen community. This conversation with Cole will touch on so many larger concepts that go well beyond meat and well beyond Montana…because what the team of ranchers, chefs, butchers, and entrepreneurs behind Old Salt are building, centers around something much deeper. They are proving what can be possible when a business entity leads with respect for the land and people it is connected to, and the shaping of Old Salt is dictated by the holistic connections of people and place.

This episode will speak to ranchers, policymakers, food consumers in all locations, those concerned about wildlife and their habitats, those concerned with community well-being, and entrepreneurs & small business owners of all kinds. In the face of so many pressures; of wild and agricultural lands being bought up and fragmented, rural and urban divides, environmental and social impacts of delocalized food systems, and a fading in human connections, our discussion today shows how Old Salt is creating the energy and impact to touch on all of these concepts.

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