Know Us

Some Old Salt ranches have been operated by the same family since before Montana achieved statehood, others were established much more recently. From the Rocky Mountain Front, to the shortgrass prairie, to the Crazy Mountains, to Centennial and Blackfoot Valleys, the landscapes are vast and diverse. Yet the same North Star guides stewardship of these lands and wildlife: to leave it better for posterity.

Beef / Lamb
Sieben Livestock Co.

Sieben Live Stock Company is a 5th generation family ranch nestled in the Big Belt Mountains outside Cascade, MT.  The ranch is owned and managed by the Hibbard Family, who view themselves as stewards first and owners second. Through their grazing practices, the team at Sieben Live Stock has created healthier soils and a more resilient landscape with higher forage productivity, higher nutrient quality, deeper root systems, and healthier animals.

Mannix Ranch

Homesteaded in 1882 near Helmville in Montana’s Blackfoot Valley, the Mannix Family Ranch is currently owned and operated by members of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th generations. The Mannix family doesn’t see themselves as true owners of the land, but as stewards of the resources that fall under their management.

J Bar L Ranches

The ranch is managed by a diverse and talented group of people who are dedicated to preserving and/or enhancing diverse plant communities, soil health, wildlife habitat and the respectful treatment of livestock.  The J Bar L consists of several land bases.  The summer country is located in the beautiful Centennial Valley in southwest Montana.  Winters are spent in Melville, MT located East of the Crazy Mountains.

LF Ranch

The LF Ranch is located along the dramatic Rocky Mountain Front near the town of Augusta, MT.   The ranch is owned by 5th generation Montanans who are committed to conserving the extremely diverse ecosystem on the property.   The ranch successfully operates a large, progressive  livestock operation consistent with the goals of conservation and sustainability.