About Ross

Ross is the result of a Green Beret southern man and an independent California woman falling in love with each other. Two cultures that clash on paper, but when done with love and kindness can create an example of hard work, toughness, vulnerability, common sense, love of nature, and willingness to serve others. He's used their example to guide him throughout his career. His experience includes time as a Carpenter, Student Affairs Officer for the Ph.D. program at UC Davis, IT & Operations Manager for a manufacturing company, and the Data Operations Manager for a large e-commerce & supply company.  He fully believes in taking his job seriously, but not himself to create a work atmosphere where employees work hard, but can enjoy themselves and feel comfortable approaching him on any matter. Ross sees management as a service where ego has no place at the table. Those who are actually doing the job have the most valuable input towards making it more efficient and he creates an environment where employees are encouraged to weigh in on the process of getting things done.