A Cut Above

Butchery is an ancient art. Like sculptors that transform raw materials into something beautiful to behold, skilled butchers use their expertise to bone and trim large primal pieces of meat into steaks, roasts, and other cuts familiar to consumers. The trade requires finesse, precision, and razor-sharp tools paired with a strong grasp of anatomy.
Butcher Kent Schoberle is dedicated to honing his craft. Schoberle directs the knife-wielding force behind the counter at Thistle Meats–the hot new whole animal butcher shop that opened in the heart of downtown Petaluma earlier this year.
The store is a dream-come-true for business partners Molly Best and Lisa Modica who support local, family owned ranches that practice humane husbandry and sustainable stewardship. True to their “locavore” vision, all the meats in their butcher shop are sourced exclusively from top quality North Bay producers including Stemple Creek Ranch, Magruder Ranch, and Green Star Farm.

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